How to play guitar
How to play guitar

The Easy Guitar Chord eBook
The easy rhythm guitar chord eBook

The Easy Guitar Chord eBook

As soon as I get some time off from gigging and recording, I'll convert all the guitar chords you see on this website into a PDF eBook for you to download from this page.

The new thing about this guitar chord book is that all chords are handpicked by a professional guitarist for their playability (They're easy to play) and blend in well together (Sound good in any combination).

Most importantly the book has built-in sound samples! Yes, that's right! You open the eBook in Adobe Reader on your computer and when you click an icon next to the chords you can hear the chords either on your computer's speaker or in your headphones. Now, how's that for checking out if you're playing the chord it right!

The eBook will also have info on how you substitute complicated, hard-to-play chords with the easy chords from the eBook. All musically valid in coordinance with the so-called classical musikc theory.

So stay tuned!


How to play guitar - A beginner's guide

My own approach to learning to play the guitar. Very down to earth and filled with little fifs on what to do to make you sound good and what to avoid. Not ready yet, so again, stay tuned!

If you are looking for a beginner's book on how to play guitar here and now, I can recommend Learn To Play The Guitar (by Phil Capone) until my own book gets done.


How to play rockabilly guitar and get good, fast!

The beginner's guide to the rockabilly style. My first book and still very popular. You can read all about it on my rockabilly website.


Intermediate Rockabilly Guitar Lessons

My second book for the rockabilly audience. Again, check it out on my rockabilly website.